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Whole New World

Whole New World

It’s the (near?) future, and some people are being rounded up and sent to an unknown fate. Jo meets with lover Matty in a secret location, bringing food for Matty’s in-hiding family. The risks are increasing, and no one knows who will be the next victim – or the next oppressor. They grapple with who to trust and whether it's time to leave – when an old acquaintance puts their future in jeopardy.  Now a screenplay!

  • Edmonds Driftwood Players, 11th Annual Festival of Shorts (June 24 – July 3, 2022)

  • Finalist Writing for Rights 2019, Woolgatherers Theatre Group 


Greetings from the Cape!

Middle-aged and feeling it, Margie arrives at the family beach cottage, hoping to reconnect with her increasingly inscrutable kids and spark some romance with her less-than-inspiring boyfriend.  Plans are disrupted after ex-husband, Alex, and his male fiancé arrive unexpectedly, along with their dyspeptic and heard-but-never-seen dog, Chewy.  When they all must share accommodations, old grievances surface – along with more than a few hilarious eccentricities.  Can the characters heal past wounds, break down the walls that separate them, and learn to live – and love - again?

  • North Shore Readers Theater Collaborative - Actors Studio, Newburyport, MA - Staged reading, September 10, 2016.  Directed by Glenda Donovan.  With Pam Battin-Sacks, Mark Davis, Creston Rice, Steven Sacks, Kate Bossi, Abby Seabrook, and Josh Paradis.

  • Colonial Players - Annapolis, MD - Semi-finalist 2017 Promising Playwright Contest.

  • Firehouse Center for the Arts - Newburyport, MA - Finalist 2018 New Works Festival.

  • B Street Theater - Sacramento, CA - Semi-finalist 2019 Second Annual New Comedies Festival.


Tapped Out

Former troublemaker Manny is trying to revitalize a working-class, neighborhood bar – and also reinvent himself. Despite his efforts to “go legit,” he finds it difficult to resist the lure of the underworld.  So when new waitress Janine proposes a partnership, the offer is enticing on many levels.  Unfortunately,  Manny’s wise-cracking friend, Tucker, is dead-set against the plans that threaten his way of life.  The three characters are linked by their pasts - and their secrets.  Can Manny overcome the obstacles that threaten his success or will his dreams be thwarted by his own pride and recklessness?

  • Image Theater - Upstairs at The Old Court, Lowell, MA - Full production, November 6 – 14, 2014 - With David Sullivan, Drew Shadraw, and Jenney Dale Holland     Theatre Mirror Review    

  • Eugene O’Neill Theater Center - Waterford, CT - Semi-Finalist 2013 National Playwrights Conference

  • Ohio State University- Newark, OH - Honorable Mention 2013 3rd Annual New Play Contest


Barbershop Duet

Tomás opens a barbershop but soon runs afoul of neighborhood traditions, raising the ire of long-time resident, Marie.  Will these two very different people transcend cultural preconceptions long enough to acknowledge their common humanity – and maybe even learn to like each other?

  • The Playground, Chelmsford Center for the Arts, 2nd Annual 10-Minute Play Festival, June 8-10, 2024

  • Dubuque Fine Arts Players, 2nd Place One-Act Playwriting Contest 2020 

  • Central PA Theatre and Dance Festival 2020, Winner Short Play Category


Still Life

Two self-absorbed strangers meet at an art gallery and relinquish their guards a bit, as they comically toy with the possibility of a love connection.  However, while opposites attract, they often don’t last.   


  • Firehouse Center for the Arts - Newburyport, MA - Full Production, January 2018 - New Works Festival 

  • Acme Theater - Maynard, MA  - Full Production, January 2018 - New Works Winter Festival 

  • Nantucket Short Play Competition 2018 - 7th Place Award

  • Nantucket Short Play Festival - Nantucket, MA - Staged reading, March 29, 2019.  

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